Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Facebook - You're killing me smalls!

About 4 months ago, I began making my transition from MySpace over to the Facebook realm. Until recently, I had the utmost respect for Facebook, it's interface, how it works, and all that jazz.

As I said, that is until recently.

That is until I started getting all sorts of emails out of the blue. "What the hell??", I asked myself. Was Facebook selling my account information to a 3rd party? Were they spamming me to make an extra buck?

The answer to all of these questions is "No" - at least not on purpose.

For any tech nerd out there who knows anything at all about Cookies, Sessions, and Security from building a website, you know some pretty common rules when it comes to user information.

1) Don't put any sensitive information in the cookie that you yourself wouldn't want the whole ever-loving world to know about.

2) Don't trust that cookie data. It should be there as a means of "Quick Lookup" ONLY!


Facebook, being the big powerhouse social networking site that they are, should of all people be more than aware of this. They should know that setting a cookie called "login_x" with my username (which is my email address too by the way) in there is a HUGE no-no! Worse yet, it's in plain text to boot!!

Well, maybe I'm over-reacting a little bit. I mean, it is quote/unquote encrypted with url encode!

COME ON GUYS! What the heck gives with this crap?

Given the fact that a LOT more Cookie Sniffing sites are coming out, wouldn't it be pretty obvious that this is yet another great way to have the security on your site compromised, or even worse, a great way for my personal information to get out?! A simple lookup of the email from google, and more than likely you're also going to know that Person's First and Last Name. With that, if the user, say, owns a few domain names? A quick whois on those domains and you now have their address and phone number too! All this information in a matter of seconds if you have written a script to just do the leg work for you, or a couple minutes if you're a teenager with a desire to be a haxx0r.

Now, in case there are any nay sayers out there who think that cookies are part of Satan's toolkit and that only a moron would store them, just hold on a second. Cookies can be good for a number of reasons, like storing a counter, the number of the last post you read, or something else insignificant that would just make your user's experience a tad bit better. Hell, maybe I'll even write a blog on the goods and bads of cookies. Either way, there are ways to use a cookie and there are ways NOT to use a cookie. For a good show in how not to, just use Facebook as an example.

Don't get me wrong, I still love Facebook as an application, and I'll still use it since I've put way too much time into it as it is. However, I for one am going to try and block any and all cookies from this moment on from Facebook.

I mean, MySpace isn't exactly the greatest site on the planet, but hey, at least they aren't storing sensitive information like this in plain text for the world to see...

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